Congratulate G8-9 students who distinguished themselves by receiving an exceptional score on this year’s Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Written by Mr. Darrell Guinn

The University of Cambridge is widely hailed as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The University of Cambridge is quoted as stating its mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence”. One of the ways that the University of Cambridge achieves that goal is through the Cambridge English Language Assessment which distributes more than 4 million tests to over 130 countries.

In accordance with Assumption College Thonburi’s commitment to providing the best education to our students, ACT has partnered with Cambridge Language Assessment to assure students receive the most effective monitoring of their progress with English.

The teachers and faculty at Assumption College Thonburi would like to congratulate the following students who distinguished themselves by receiving an exceptional score on this year’s Cambridge English Language Assessment. These students have displayed a commendable understanding of English language. Congratulations! By speaking English, you have broadened your horizons and your life potential is now as great as the global span in which the English language is spoken. Because of your diligence, you can feel optimistically confident about your future prospects. We would like to encourage all students to continue advancing with their English ability.

Assumption College Thonburi is proud to recognize the following students for their achievement.

1. 23495  Miss Vanesa  Tomic  G.7B

2. 21730  Miss Pichaporn  Ekuschariya  G.8A

3. 21749  Master Poramet  Kurntaveetanachok  G.8A

4. 21758  Miss Araya  Deesuwan  G.8A

5. 21822  Master Nathanon  Osananon  G.8A

6. 21938  Master Putt  Choonhanirunrit  G.8A

7. 22047  Master Natchapol  Opatprapai  G.8A

8. 22090  Master Pavaris  Pongchaikaikiti G.8A

9. 22091  Master Narut  Sannamwong  G.8A

10. 22115  Miss Prapaporn  Amornuttakovit  G.8A

11. 22133  Master PumeAlbert  Engkamaratron  G.8A

12. 22177  Miss Pojjarat  Apichardsilkij  G.8A

13. 23553  Master Sarin  Sirimongkolsakul  G.8A

14. 24662  Miss Paweena  Chongrungsakulroj  G.8A

15. 25123  Miss Vanatchaporn  Lertwijitnarong  G.8A

16. 21718  Miss Charanan  Mahakijpalach  G.8B

17. 21721  Master Teerapat  Wachiratharntong  G.8B

18. 21756  Master Phurin  Kitsakun  G.8B

19. 21844  Miss Rungrasami  Gurung  G.8B

20. 22008  Miss Papassorn  Punyavarnasiri  G.8B

21. 22009  Miss Nannapat  Tagoyai  G.8B

22. 22087  Miss Prawwao  Senapitak  G.8B

23. 22138  Miss Pavarisa  Manomaikul  G.8B

24. 22176  Master Nattapoj  Apichardsilkij  G.8B

25. 26973  Miss Ratinan  Thongsukdee  G.8B

26. 25305  Master Benedict  Boisclair  G.9A

27. 24094  Miss Thanya  Suwankhajit  G.9B


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