Congratulate primary students who distinguished themselves by receiving an exceptional score on this year’s Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Written by Mr. Thanachote Pimetapthanaburn G7B

First, let me introduce myself, I am Thanachote Pimelapthanaburn, or Champ, as many of you would know me by. So, recently there was a Cambridge Language Assessment test, the “YLE Flyers” with 3 branches of the English language specifically, reading and writing, listening, and speaking, at which I got all 5 shields for all 3 categories (Which is the most you could get), now most of you might be wondering, how did I get these scores, why am I so interested in English as a language? Let me start, at the beginning, when I first got into the Assumption College Thonburi English Program, I was actually one of the worst English students in class (One of) but from grade 3, I saw the potential of this language, and the potential of what mastering it could do, I saw that English is a language spoken by many countries in the world, and as a key in communication to many foreigners in the world. At that age, I was watching YouTube videos from many creators (What do you expect? At that time, I wasn’t too interested in reading a lot of books yet); i.e. gamers and vloggers like Casey Neistat, AntVenom (Not PewDiePie), and so on and so forth, in addition to that I also started to watch movies in English (Mostly with Thai subtitles because I didn’t know a whole lot of words back then) I also began to listen to music in English, but let’s put the past behind us and talk about the here and now. The ways I study English today, is from all of the ways from grade 3 with the addition of reading books (Yay), but the other major reason is also from my teachers, they help me whenever I don’t understand some words or the lessons. I may not be right about this, and I’m sure you may have arguments about this but it’s time to move on to how YOU can improve, and I say this to myself and all others, no matter how good you are at something, doesn’t matter what it is, it could be games (Because I just thought of that), computers or, sports or learning, or in this case, English and languages, you can always find a way to improve to become even better, sure you may know a lot of words, and can speak very well, or right a REALLY long essay, but there are way more words in the English language, than you think and there is probably no way you’d be able to remember all of them, the important thing here is not about memorizing all the words in the English language, it’s about know what the words you know means, and how to adapt them to your situation and what you’re meaning to say, or write, something even better is if you can learn more words and what they mean. But if you know a lot of words but don’t know how to arrange them with proper grammar then you’re probably not going far, the ways I learn how to use proper grammar in speaking in sentences is from YouTube and the videos on that site because foreigners know how to speak properly. And that’s… really it, you just have to know the words, and how and when to use them in sentences and how to ARRANGE the words into sentences the right way and you’re on your way to victory. Just stay calm and study on.

1. 27147  Master Ingkawat  Osananon  G.2A

2. 27154  Miss Pitchapa  Vipasniransri  G.2A

3. 27157  Master Nathanon  Kittikunpituk  G.2A

4. 27161  Miss Pimnara  Subsuwan  G.2A

5. 27165  Master Purit  Jongjeerawongsa  G.2A

6. 27166  Miss Pitchakorn  Thawatkuldilok  G.2A

7. 27167  Master Thirawath  Jiranantayod  G.2A

8. 27175  Master Sorawin  Li  G.2A

9. 27179  Miss Pannapas  Jesadapatarakul  G.2A

10. 27183  Master Porramet  Phiensahakit  G.2A

11. 27191  Miss Jirapak  Sitthidetporn  G.2A

12. 27192  Miss Chutiorn  Daraphongsathaporn  G.2A

13. 27258  Miss Chayanan  Pakaphongphan  G.2A

14. 27396  Miss Punnichaya  Chaivichayachat  G.2A

15. 27399  Master Papungkorn  Ekuschariya  G.2A

16. 27407  Master Natchanon  Sudjai  G.2A

17. 27464  Miss Khwanjira  Thitiwuthtipong  G.2A

18. 27486  Miss Natcharee  Lertjiraratthachot  G.2A

19. 27520  Miss Pornchanit  Kaewkamonsrisuk  G.2A

20. 27798  Master Ittipat  Poothawee  G.2A

21. 27151  Miss Saranya  Godwin  G.2B

22. 27152  Miss Natchapim  Phiroonsaovapha  G.2B

23. 27174  Master Wasu  Lertanakicharoen  G.2B

24. 27176  Miss Thitirat  Leekijrungreung  G.2B

25. 27184  Miss Kitchaya  Udomboondee  G.2B

26. 27187  Master Pannawich  Kongwuttipanya  G.2B

27. 27193  Miss Sasikarn  Kaewkannipakorn  G.2B

28. 27201  Miss Natchonthan  Sirachatpatiphan  G.2B

29. 27809  Master Sonhpravin  Champi  G.2B

30. 26380  Miss Pinprapa  Naksomsong  G.3A

31. 26383  Miss Thanpitcha  Korsesthakarn  G.3A

32. 26385  Master Tanapat  Anirukkul  G.3A

33. 26314  Miss Panisara  Kasemsawat  G.3B

34. 25423  Miss Parima  Vipasniransri  G.4A

35. 25439  Master Patarakrit  Sirikantachote  G.4A

36. 25440  Master Punnawish  Thongngarm   G.4A

37. 25453  Master Naruebet  Chung  G.4A

38. 25476  Master Jaranin  Ploytubtim  G.4A

39. 25827  Miss Tanapa  Vutthanakij  G.4A

40. 25868  Miss Angelina  Tomic  G.4A

41. 25429  Master Nathawat  Kotcharug  G.4B

42. 25434  Miss Naneen  Nilparisuth  G.4B

43. 25441  Master Chaichate  Sangiamjitranon

44. 25442  Miss Yanisa  Pansrikaew  G.4B

45. 25462  Miss Tanida  Apiwattanachai  G.4B

46. 25468  Miss Nichakan  Iabsakul  G.4B

47. 25522  Miss Theerata  Somjaiprasong  G.4B

48. 25848  Miss Mookravee  Boonraksa  G.4B

49. 26087  Master Pholaphat  Atchararuji  G.4B

50. 24627  Master MJSean  Godwin  G.5B

51. 23599  Miss Pimnipa  Opornsawat  G.6A

52. 23602  Miss Pimmada  Ngamsangapong  G.6A

53. 23738  Master Wanrung  Wannawitayapa  G.6A

54. 23628  Master Thanachote  Pimelaptanabrun  G.6B


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